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As humans, we seek to connect to that which we are passionate about; to the people we love, to the things that thrill and delight and inspire and educate us. Because to be more connected, means to been more in community with the world around us, and to be more alive. How we connect, is absolutely up to us. And this is why we design and develop beautiful, functional, stylish solutions that enable people to connect to their world in a more beautiful, elegant and personal way. At Hand & Craft, we design how you stay connected to your world by redefining how a power source can look, feel, and interact in a room. At Hand & Craft we seek to create the fabulously functional. The gloriously pragmatic. The beautifully useful. Because unconnected is unacceptable, and ugly is unforgivable.

Super Safe

Our products meet and exceed nationally recognized safety standards. 

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We design and build eye-catching units that are far too cool to keep out of sight.

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With every device in every home, garage, backyard, boat, and more.